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  • Weight: 400 gram
  • Origin: India
  • Type of Pack: 400 grams, edible food grade PET jar
  • Category: Ginger Pickle


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Ginger Pickle or as we proud Indians call it, Adrak Ka Achar, is made from traditional heirloom family recipe using only natural products to get the authentic taste of – ghar ka Adrak ka achar!! Our pickle feature the goodness of natural and fresh ginger embellished with notes of traditional Indian spices & condiments that add a delightful spicy kick to your every day meals and can consumed anytime and with everything: pair our pickle with any food or meal like rice, paratha, idli, khichdi, upma, Mexican tacos, etc.!! overall, a great food accompaniment

Taste Enhancer: Perfect balance of skillfully curated ginger, aromatic oil and hot & spicy flavours is what Fitnaxx Ginger Pickle is all about!! It has a delightful flavor that hits every note: spicy, salty, sour and sweet
Helps in preventing diseases: Ginger is believed to lower cholesterol, reduce the production of cancer cells and reduce inflammation with ailments like arthritis; Improves iron metabolism; as a fermented food, pickled ginger offers “good” bacteria called probiotics

Stress buster: Specific compounds found in Ginger work as endorphins, which, in turn, produce serotonin that the body mistakes for pain - this helps those having stress to feel better and also aids in reducing depression

Ingredients: Ginger; Mustard Oil; Salt; Lime Juice; Red Chilli & Turmeric Powder; Fenugreek Powder; Other Spices & Condiments; Acidity Regulators (INS 260, INS 330); Preservatives (INS 211)

Hygienically packed: Manufactured and packaged in a Fssai certified facility equipped with state-of-the-art packaging lines to ensure that our pickles stays fresh and safe for consumption

Family packs: Available in 400gm family pack


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