Chat Masala Flavored Cashews


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  • Weight: 200 gram
  • Origin: India
  • Type of Pack: Air tight and water proof, standup zip-lock pouch
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As Indians, we can never get over the spicy, hot flavours of Chat Masala – well, you are in for a treat, as we bring to you Fitnaxx Chat Masala Cashews, a line of mouth-watering, guilt-free, healthy cashews seasoned with your favourite Indian herbs and spices – Fitnaxx flavoured cashews are all about being packed in their whole and seasoned & roasted to perfection!!

Anywhere, anytime snack: Our cashews are a perfect snacking option to satisfy your hunger pangs and can be enjoyed at anytime of the day, whether it’s a quick breakfast fix, the 4 pm energy slump at work or the secret midnight snack (J ... you know what we mean)!! overall, a great anytime and anywhere healthy snack

Delectable taste: A line of mouth-watering, guilt-free, healthy cashews seasoned with traditional Indian herbs and spices, making them an indulgent snack with unforgettable taste. Packed in their whole and seasoned and roasted to perfection, is what Fitnaxx flavoured cashews are all about!!

Healthy snacking: Our cashews are roasted without a single drop of oil and help in weight management when taken in the right quantity. Cashews are also said to be a source of magnesium and help in bone development, muscle and tissue recovery, and boost immunity.

Ingredients: Whole cashews, salt, natural spices and seasonings, and permitted flavours. Available in single-serve packs of 200 g.


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